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  1. This opinion is likely to be pretty unpopular on this board and seemingly in the music industry altogether, but I was hoping throughout the entire electoral season that Coldplay would not endorse or speak politically. I cannot stand when entertainers become political, and to me, their opinions on that subject matter couldn't be any less welcome. I love Coldplay pretty much more than anything, and I know that in the back of my mind we probably have incredibly different views on politics, but I just prefer it to not even come up because it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Yes, I respect other viewpoints, but entertainers should as well -- in fact they should just not say anything regarding politics and stick to promoting their music if they are to say anything, or talk about the charities they support. I tend to be more liberal on subjects such as marijuana legalization, gay marriage, etc, but I am extremely conservative when it comes to fiscal policy, government spending and programs, border protection and foreign policy. I am so fucking tired of this narrative that Trump is pretty much Satan, which is being spewed by mass media because the media didn't get what it wanted. Trump is far from a perfect candidate, but Clinton is the definition of a criminal, and by all accounts if she weren't married to Bill, she would be in prison. Clinton is also the definition of a shady two-faced politician, and if her track record as Secretary of State is anything to go on, a Clinton presidency would be disastrous. After the scandals she has been involved in with the Clinton Foundation, and the private server, as well as her failed foreign policy, how could any American in his or her sane mind actually think she is a viable candidate and vote for her? It's beggar's belief. Trump has a big mouth and says things he shouldn't. I'd imagine he will tone this down. The media tried so, so, so hard to paint him as a wild, out of control maniac, but I just don't buy it, and clearly neither do many Americans. He's egotistical, he is arrogant, he is a loud mouth, but he speaks his mind and tells it like it is -- something politicians are terrified to do. We've had eight years of a "nice guy" president that was supposed to unite the country and bring it back from the awful, despicable Satanist Republicans and all we have to show for it is 0% interest rates, a sputtering economy that has never found its footing, ObamaCare which is on the brink of failure, and a country that is as divided as it ever has been. Obama was supposed to be the key to ending division and would most certainly pump the economy back to life. It hasn't happened, and for his first term he had a control of the house and senate to put through pretty much anything he wanted. To think that Trump, who can't be blamed for ANY of the past eight years or the current state of the country, can do worse or is somehow responsible for this charlie foxtrot is absolutely asinine and the narrative that the mainstream media would love for the every day American to believe. I am sure this post will rub plenty on this forum the wrong way, but this is my opinion, this is what I believe, and you can flame me all you want, but I'll still respect others opinions, and Viva Coldplay.
  2. I don't know if he did or did not, but would Chris have the audacity to lip-sync Glastonbury?
  3. Well if you never try, you'll never know right? ;) I don't see it as stalkerish to be honest. I see it as a guy who knows he's got this one life, and if he felt like in that fleeting instance there was something definitely there then I salute him for doing everything he can to try to get in contact with this woman. The worst thing on Earth is the feeling of regret.
  4. I started learning when I was 18. It's never too late, seriously.
  5. 1. As long as the keyboard has a decent action (realistically weighted keys) you should be able to make a transition to the piano, it may not be seamless, but you would get the hang of it quicker than if you were playing a keyboard without weighted keys. 2. No right or wrong answer here, it depends on how much you're willing to spend, how much space you have, how many people you live with, etc. If you have a ton of space and have some money, you can't beat the sound of an acoustic but there are definite drawbacks (very heavy, must be tuned, no volume control other than key dynamics). Digital pianos have come along way and may be a better option for somebody starting out and undecided if they will stick with the instrument. I started really small, on some unweighted keyboard with less than 50 keys. 3. 88.
  6. Loved Everglow played solo -- think this is the way the song should be played. So much emotion packed into that stripped performance.
  7. Patiently waiting for the upload to watch -- been looking forward to this concert for so long -- thanks in advance to Coldplaying staff to bring it to everyone -- greatly appreciated.
  8. It's definitely an acoustic Kawai 48" Upright w/ MIDI capability. They moved away from the Yamaha GT20 digital hybrid after the MX era. If you see pictures of the back of the Kawai they are using, you'll see the wooden soundboard which also is a give-away that it's an acoustic. The sound itself is also a lot warmer than the insanely bright digital samples from the MP9000 from AROBTTH-MX, which is probably part of the reason it's harder to hear during live shows as it's not so "clangy." That being said, I like the switch to acoustic -- it sounds a lot more natural and not terribly over-powering.
  9. The band was on point tonight, incredible set. They were really feeling it. Powerful performance.
  10. I think this is a very reasonable thought.
  11. Tom Odell. Can't wait for his new album.
  12. Agree that HFTW was hilariously bad. It's really disappointing to see them rely so much on backing tracks. Just play the damn piano Chris. You know how.
  13. Mike Gillis to Jim Benning wasn't exactly great. The team has a rebuild in front of them that they will have to commit to.
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