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I have something to write about that I need advice on. I don't feel like I can tell anyone I know - I'm embarrassed.

I was in love with someone for five years and I'm sure he was the love of my life. He broke up with me while he was shopping for an engagement ring over a year ago. I am trying desperately to move on but I just can't seem to. I have dated a lot of people in the meantime, but nobody compares at all. I want to call him up all the time and would love for us to get back together, but I'm sure it's to no avail.

I just saw him last week for the first time since the breakup. He called me to give me back some stuff. It was fun...we were casual and caught up on each other's lives. But I was too proud to admit any of my feelings.

I am so scared to tell him how I feel because I am 99% sure he'll feel like his decision to leave was the right one. I'm so afraid of getting hurt again. But then again, what do I have to lose? I just don't want to go through life wondering if he was IT...

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first of all hi! :lol: second of all - i am young and inexperienced so i won't even try and give you real advice - but i suppose you've just got to do whatever you'll regret the least. anyway, i'm sure there are older and wiser people here who'll be able to help you out, but whatever you decide to do i hope it works out alright. good luck! :angel:

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hiya! well im going to try and give advice but remember its only an opinion although its quite a well founded one. I had a VERY similar situation with a girl I was engaged to, we split for different reasons but the same sort of feelings still remain :cry: I still love her and given the chance to go back I would make sure that what happened never happened but hindsight is one of lifes ironies as you never have it when you need it :( Anyway what I want to say is that if I was lucky enough to come back to this girl even as a friend I definitely would tell her that I still loved her. Finding a soulmate in life is SO rare and if your feelings are as strong as they sound then a friendship would be difficult anyway - so I would say go for it - take a chance but give yourself the very best chance by making sure you do it confidently and with the right reasoning behind you. I.e. not reasons like I'm lonely but things like I love you and in the time we've been apart I've realised what we had and why we should never have lost that.


I wish you the very very best of luck if you choose to make a go of things! And remember if its meant to be it will happen for you :D


I hope I've helped in some way!



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