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Rare Coldplay CD giveaway


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Back in 2008-2010 I collected a lot of Coldplay CDs and I was going through these again and I found one wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. I think I was going to send it to someone and never got around to it.


Thing is, it's one I own double and I'm pretty sure it's this release (if it's not, SURPRISE!):




Since Christmas time is around and I'd rather see it go to a fan than make money of it, I figured I'd post it here and see if anyone would want it. Just send me a PM (first one gets it, obv). I'll probably send it somewhere in the second week of January (I'll be out of the country soon).


Also, I have a few more doubles so keep an eye out for this thread in the future if you'd like some (semi-)rare Coldplay CDs.

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It's just nice to see fans act this way. I see people on ebay taking advantage of the fandom all the time, and it really pisses me off. Good job! :-)


Selling is fine, but I ended up spending up to 50 dollars for rare Coldplay promotional releases or whatever and it's just crazy how much people ask for it (but also how much people are willing to pay for it). That's why I don't really collect anymore, it gets so expensive when you try to be a completionist.

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