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  1. Just saying hi, as I was at this concert and enjoyed it. Really liked GPASUYF, Shiver, Always in my Head, and Clocks, and the AHFOD opener. I think the rock songs and old songs work better in general.... by the way did everyone see the little Coldplay hype/lazer party happening in the bar outside?
  2. AEG just clarified it for me on twitter - the show doesn't start until after 11pm. No end time as yet! PS - Still have an extra standing ticket for the Etihad Arena, Sat 4th June (the first UK stadium date) if anyone has an extra ticket for this to swap!
  3. I'd love to go, but I just can't afford it :P I do have a spare standing ticket for the Manchester Etihad Stadium on Saturday June 4th though... If anyone has a spare standing ticket for this I'll swap you! :)
  4. That's very weird! It's not called the 'Etihad Arena', it's called the Etihad Stadium. Perhaps they're confusing it with the MEN Arena... :P
  5. Well my match was amyxyloto, but I just checked and she has zero post history... no activity ever. I'm afraid I may have sent a present to someone who is naughty rather than nice! :(
  6. I received mine a couple of weeks ago, sorry for the late reply. Thank you kind Coldplayer! Lovely card, chocolate, postcard, badges, and xmas bits! :) I'm not sure whether the one I sent has been recieved though, it should have made it by Christmas.
  7. I'm sure everyone on this thread would love a ticket. Hopefully someone with a spare will pop up :)
  8. No luck for me either. Such a shame, I was really hoping for this. Hopefully a few big fans from here got tickets.
  9. Ha ha! How did they know you were a 'crazy fan'? I'd absolutely love it if that happened to me - but at this show I was lucky enough to get a great spot as it was :)
  10. Hi guys; managed to grab a couple of shots, though the lighting was fairly dim - hope you like them! This was a really great show - I particularly enjoyed hearing the new tracks from Ghost Stories live. I went with my wife and her brother, and we had a fantastic time. Also - I spotted Phil before the show, and Jonny kindly high-fived me as he left the stage, which was nice! Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall - July 1st 2014 by P. G. Morris, on Flickr Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall - July 1st 2014 by P. G. Morris, on Flickr Coldplay live at the Royal Albert Hall -
  11. Thanks Bauk, amazing story! I'll share some pics and perhaps a video tonight or tomorrow.
  12. The 7" vinyl? Yes - it's reasonably rare but doesn't sell for too much when it appears - less than £20. It has a wonderful cover design, matte card finish, shiny black inner sleeve :)
  13. Keep trying everyone, failed transactions should come up over the next half hour!
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