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Do you know this song?


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Okay so I tried all my bat-skillz (ALL OF THEM) on trying to find out who made the first song in this video:




The one that starts right away. The video's description doesn't tell me anything about the composer, nor is there anything written at the end of that vid. And neither the official website of that animal rescue thingy has that video uploaded anywhere else (at least I haven't found it yet) with any info. NARGH. I really like this atmospheric song and I would like it even more listening to it without having that dude talking over it the entire time.


SO, does anybody of you have any idea how this piece of music is called? To me it sounds like one of these free tracks that you can get on various music-sites since it doesn't have any lyrics. But I'm not sure...



please halp D:

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Would it be wrong to mail the rescue organisation and ask?


THAT'S A BRILLIANT IDEA! :dance: A little bit awkward I think but why the hell not


and no I don't think it would be wrong. I mean, if they haven't composed this track by themselves, they actually have to mention the artists name, don't they?


It's just that this video is already 7 years old, so I'm fearing I won't get any response from any person :I

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Yeah it was the awkwardness I was concerned about and bothering people :D

But mostly people are happy to help if they can. Give it a try!

Still no answer from then. I have a feeling they won't answer me at all because I'm not at all interested in their site/didn't want to donate money :lol: Not that I said that aloud lol

I tried shazam too but I think it has gone bananas :| it comes up with weird stuff that I can't even find on youtube like


Blow My High - Naku

Nail Graf (Original Mix) - Altz



Bananas indeed HAHA. Well at least it came up with something! I used this site midomi and it didn't gave me ANY hints.




Ugh I hate it when I can't find songs :bomb:

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