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  1. Many things are hard to tell, they are very pleasurable and relaxing to see/hear, you zone out but don't feel the tingle. Wood chopping, water, fire. Some music too, it's more than good, make you drift away. In Norway they have slow-tv; they've showed a 130+ hours boat trip, 12 hours knitting a sweater, 7 hour train ride. Not exactly tingling, but very relaxing.
  2. A stuffed dala horse?! I've never seen one, it's so cute :)
  3. Well that was the first time ever I watched a barbering video :) Fascinating how you can get the feeling from watching (well, listening) to it. I'd need the sensation too, maybe I've only got this light. Dr Dimitri I just want to punch. Sorry Sparky, no offense, just different preferences :) It seems non-verbal is mine. The clay and water yes! too bad the potter had to speak. This is fascinating, how have I not heard of it before?!
  4. Seems like coffee is your thing :) Yes for me too, the sound and the scent, but not the taste oddly enough.
  5. Exactly! :) I'm a gardener, now I understand why I love large seeds like beans. Nice to have an explanation of the weirdness :D Haha the spoon in the container. I know what you mean, but I might actually do that myself I'm afriad. I can't think of other irritating sounds now but I know there are a few. Oh and scent! Sweet peas and basil for example gives me that tingle.
  6. I had never heard of ASMR. Whispering makes me so irritated, so first I thought no, I don't have it, but the beans... oh yes! Scalp massage definitely, and some other kinds of massage but not all. I never thought about it, thought everyone had it, but now I understand some things I've experienced :)
  7. I'm sorry for those who tried for tickets but couldn't get any :sad: I was lucky to get tickets for both nights in Stockholm. I just saw they have added dates, I hope you can try for one of those. Good luck!
  8. I have the after-show chat recorded. Do you post links here or in Multimedia only?
  9. Another favourite band of mine. They were great at the iTunes Festival last week. Anyone happen to have a video of their performance? I'd be so grateful :)
  10. Uploading it, I'll PM you when it's done. He is great indeed!
  11. I already started recording, it's almost finished. Don't have the time now to do separate tracks, sorry, but if you want it anyway I'll upload it. Or wait for someone who's got separate tracks :) Thanks for recommending him btw!
  12. I can record it with Audacity if that's good enough.
  13. Hozier is playing at the iTunes festival tonight! Starts any minute now.
  14. If your Virgin stream is slow you can listen to Absolute Radio outside UK if you use this link: http://player.absoluteradio.co.uk/core/radioplayer/ar/
  15. at about 2.05 https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/24304042/coldplay-sky-full-of-stars/
  16. "here we, here we, here we fucking go" Classic Glasgow chant :) Although Chris sings the radio friendlier version "here we got to go"
  17. From Target's twitter: @Coldplay's #lyricshunt may be winding down, but we're giving you even #MoreColdplay this weekend. Stay tuned!
  18. Don't worry yet (unless you live in the US). It took 19 days for mine to arrive, I live in Sweden. It's been Easter, might take a bit longer. Hope you'll receive it soon, they are lovely :)
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