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question japan pls

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hey its me I actually live in Japan so I was very happy to see coldplay is going to perform in the tokyo where I live. its gonna be hard getting a tikit as they are only having 6 performances and everyone will want to buy the tickets but coldplay will have a bigger tour later,


but question do you think ill be able to get a ticket for the tokyo performance/ it would be amazing for me to go the first performance I ever saw by them was one of their first onces during parachutes it would be great to go again


many ty



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Hi Doolitle! I'm Chommy. What shall I call you?

I plan to go to the Tokyo show as well but I live in Thailand.

Maybe if you have friends who usually go to concerts in Japan you can start by asking them what website that take care of tickets in Japan. I guess there're not many of them and keep your eyes open for those website in case Coldplay.com is late.


We already have a thread about the show here http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/threads/99485-12-Jun-2014-Dome-City-Hall-Tokyo-Japan .

We should continue discuss in the original thread.


Good luck about the tickets and hope to see you there.


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