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Ideal Setlist?


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Hmmm good question. I would have Coldplay perform at the beach like with there toes in the water! Lol anyway my ideal set list would be

1. Don't Panic

2. In My Place

3. Lost?(piano version)

4. Careful Where You Stand

5. Hurts like Heaven (acoustic)

6. Clocks

7. Warning Sign

8. Amsterdam

9. Strawberry Swing (acoustic)

10. A Message (acoustic)

11. Sparks

12. Trouble

13. The Scientist

14. Viva La Vida

15. Yellow

16. Everything's Not Lost

17. See You Soon

18. Us Against the World

19. Speed of Sound (acoustic)

20. Fix You

21. Death And All His Friends (The Escapist)

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I've got a 26 song setlist. Realistic? No, but here it is anyway.


01. Glass of Water (Lasers)

02. Yellow

03. Shiver

04. Talk

05. Clocks (Lasers)

06. The Scientist

07. White Shadows

08. Square One

09. Violet Hill (Strobe Lighting)

10. Lovers in Japan (Inflatables, Confetti)


11. Don't Panic

12. Warning Sign

13. Amsterdam

14. True Love (Pyro)


15. Viva La Vida

16. Speed of Sound

17. Paradise

18. Charlie Brown (Lasers, Pyro)

19. Hurts Like Heaven (Lasers)

20. Don't Let It Break Your Heart (Lasers)

21. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Strobe Lighting)

22. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Lasers, Pyro)



23. Green Eyes

24. Sparks

ENCORE Main Stage:

25. A Sky Full of Stars (Confetti)

26. Fix You (Confetti, Pyro)


Even in that setlist length, Strawberry Swing, Politik, In My Place, Major Minus and Always in My Head all miss out.


This would be at either the Millenium Stadium (Cardiff, famous for Coldplay NEVER PLAYING THERE :@ ) or Wembley Stadium.

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1. Violet Hill

2. Major Minus

3. Talk

4. Viva La Vida

5. Clocks

6. Trouble

7. The Scientist

8. A Message

9. Parachutes

10. Us Against the World

11. A Warning Sign

12. Prospekt's March

13. U.F.O.

14. Atlas

15. Moving to Mars

16. Twisted Logic

17. Cemeteries of London

18. Amsterdam

19. O


Since Parachutes and U.F,O. together aren't even the length of a full song, it's lengthwise only 17 or 18 songs really. :)

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