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  1. If you want to play Coldplay songs, you're gonna need a capo and a tuner for definite! Don't Panic is a decent song to start with because the chord shapes don't change that often :)
  2. Yup! They're 3/1 favourites! http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/84571
  3. The 3rd headliner has pulled out, a theory is going round that it's Taylor Swift because of her mother's cancer. I don't know whether there is a chance of Coldplay headlining but the bookies have all boosted the odds I think :D "Special Guest" may mean them, or maybe Chris featuring with Kanye. Or it's just another band. That line up for Glasto was only the first part, the second should come soon :)
  4. Yeah. 1D fans on twitter are annoying as hell! Why isn't musical talented actually appreciated in the music industry?! Does my head in sometimes :lol:
  5. I thought Coldplay were pro-Palestinian! Doubt the guys would've had much say on it...
  6. Hey, Chris! So good to see you on here! I take the credit for snapping some of those pictures ;)
  7. Really good! But I think on "But I wasn't one" it goes from Em to G like: Em G But I wasn't one Then goes into the A on the chorus :D Thanks a lot though! Finally, some decent chords for this song!
  8. That's so nice! I was completely tongue tied haha!
  9. Honestly, I was so desperate for the toilet last time I was considering trying ringing the beehive one :laugh3:
  10. Man. I can just tell the last song on this album in gonna be AMAZING.
  11. Yeah, I look back on it and it is quite funny :lol:
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