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Dear God - Please Someone Make An Accurate Tutorial For Wish I Was Here


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- This is the only tutorial and I just can't accept that it's right. Chris would not play it this way. It seems wrong, so, so wrong. Can someone please make an accurate tutorial. PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE!? If I don't figure out this song it's gonna give me nightmares.
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I'm not much of a piano player. But here are the chords for the intro, the verses, and the pre-chorus. maybe it's the regular chorus, i'm just dead and gotta go to sleep so this is only as far as i've actually listened. nice chords and melody though. I'll just write the key's (notes) as they're played by Chris Martin on piano.


Intro: (F2-C3-A-3-F3-C4) then (F2-D3--A#-C4) ( he might use more fingers but those are the notes and voicings. )


Verse: (A#2-F3-C-4-D-4-A#4-A4) then (C3-G3-A#3-C4)


"Such a.."" Fmaj 1st inversion

"A long" Just A and C notes. almost an Amin

(F2-A#2-C3 Transitional Chord



Pre Chorus I think it is,


Into my wild .. ( (A#2-F3-A#3) Side...(C3-G3-C4) Say Goodbye (F2-C3-A3-C4) To My (A2-G3-C4-E4-G-4), then the next chord switches from the E4 to an F4. That's as far as I could manage

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I have no idea honestly. I didn't work that out by ear. I put it into melodyne, which is mainly used for correcting pitch on vocals, but also won a grammy for their "DNA" (direct note access) technology that can break apart polyphonic material into individual notes. It works best for clearer sources, such as a strummed acoustic guitar or a piano. Sometimes I'll use it on a recorded guitar if the intonation is off a little bit. I can bring one or two strings back into tune if they've sharpened cause of my playing style or the guitar just won't stay in tune for an entire song. It let's you tune one note of a chord without affecting the others even though they're all played together. Pretty amazing stuff. These are the notes that it detected. It's not fool proof. I rarely use it to figure out a song over using my ear, but sometimes, say if Chris Martin clearly has an open string or two that aren't in standard tuning, you can clearly see what they are. It's also good for experimenting with vocal harmonies. Like I said, my piano playing is not good. Working on it..but i've been playing for under two years. So I can't aster your question. Trust your ear man. And if you're doing a cover, i personally think it's a little better to not do it spec for spec like the recorded version and insert some of your own interpretation. that said, I'd love to play piano like chris martin so i wouldn't mind knowing exactly how he goes about it.

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this might answer your question a little better. I wrote down the basic voicings of the chords. But there were some repeats of specific notes I left out. I just gave as complete a picture as I could of the voicing for each chord. If I wrote down 4 notes, i'd bet he played those 4 notes with 8 fingers across a few octaves. just my guess. let me know if those chords sound remotely correct. I didn't double check it with my ear. Melodyne is great sometimes and not so great other times. With a clear piano track (no hazy synthesizers and guitar delays) i'd bet it's pretty close at least.

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