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  1. Does anyone know the exact way Jonny plays the chords? It obviously revolves around D and E chords but it's not just the simple chords, there's bits and bobs that are different. Can anyone help?
  2. Here is the accurate chords: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/coldplay/ink_ver6_crd.htm and its the same tuning as Oceans.
  3. Does anyone know the way Chris plays the ending bridge in the acoustic version of the song? Not the root chords, the actual way he plays it. Thanks.
  4. The answer is further down the list of threads. It's called "Ghost Stories chords" or something like that.
  5. They just released it. Video is probably coming soon.
  6. Me Cubie225, me love Coldplay.
  7. I hear all albums are reduced by 99.9% at the Pirate Bay.
  8. [video=youtube;4xTyao5jlMc] - This is the only tutorial and I just can't accept that it's right. Chris would not play it this way. It seems wrong, so, so wrong. Can someone please make an accurate tutorial. PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE!? If I don't figure out this song it's gonna give me nightmares.
  9. https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/wish-i-was-here-music-from/id889189368 Listen to preview here.
  10. It's not very hard. I'm sure you can figure it out from watching chris and stuff.
  11. WAIT WTF. I think this video just confirmed LP7 for 2015. [video=youtube;Yo8xrxDy3Eg] it's near the end.
  12. BOOM! I'm back. Let's roll. As seen in this video: http://www.themercury.com.au/video/id-JjNDBjbjq23vR0Z8GH5WYQuWbTXk-QbS ----- Chris uses Standard Tuning with a Capo on 2nd. There are 4 chords in the verse and chorus then 3 in the bridge. CHORDS ARE RELATIVE TO THE CAPO ON 2ND Verse Chords (You can figure out the strumming, just watch him): 1. E - X/9 (Mute or strum this, whatever sounds better to you) A - 11 D - 11 G - 9 B - 9 E - 0 2. E - X/5 (Same as above) A - 7 D - 7 G - 6 B - 0 E - 0 3. E - X A - 2 D - 2 G - 1 B - 0 E - 0 4. E - X/4 A - 6 D - 6 G - 4 B - 4 E - 0 Alright that is the verse and chorus --BRIDGE--(ENDING) The first chord is the same as Number 2. on the list above ^^^ The second chord for the bridge is this: E - 7 A - 9 D - 9 G - 8 B - 0 E - 0 THE LAST CHORD OF THE BRIDGE IS THE FIRST CHORD OF THE VERSE/CHORUS AGAIN!!! He does a little fingerpicking at the start of the chorus, but it's just a copy of Jonny's guitar (doesn't sound so great either) < This bit really doesn't matter, but if you want to learn it, watch the video. THANKS Coldplayers, enjoy!!! Hit me up at @Cubie255 on the twitters.
  13. Thanks. Know any other songs on the album?
  14. Fantastic! Moar please! Maybe Trouble? Do you know Paradise? No one has accurate tutorials anymore.
  15. 1. Midnight (10/10) I get lost in the world of this song. 2. O. (10/10) Fantastic piano! 3. Always In My Head. (10/10) I love the rhythm of this song. Sounds 80's and that is awesome. :) 4. Magic (9/10 This song is still awesome after so long. 5. True Love (9/10) Dat solo is amazing. 6. All Your Friends (8/10) I love the sci-fi feel in this song. 7. AFOS (8/10) Fantastic Piano. Makes me feel inspired. 8. Ghost Story (9/10) Cool song. Didn't like the country feel at the start at first, but now I'm down. 9. Another's Arms (7/10) This song is fantastic. 10. Oceans Heartbreak song. Amazing. 11. Ink (7/10) Unbelievable guitar. Wouldn't expect that from Chris. 12. O (Reprise) (7/10) This is fucking amazing. The sci-fi feel is there again. I like this better than the other version. Entire album? 9.5/10
  16. I can't get the PDF to open. It keeps saying "File is corrupt or wrong file type" It's so annoying. Can anyone help?
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