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Coldplaying on Tapatalk - Please share


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From today, I will be pushing the use of Tapatalk for Coldplaying. Their updates have been great lately and its much better to use now! Some of you use it already so have seen the updates (v5 a few months ago and now v5.1). You can browse the main site articles now, not just the forums :) There are no more Tapatalk logos or advertising in signatures or when sharing images. A massive thing Tapatalk also did was provide support on the ad side as it wasn't feasible to have a large amount of us on Tapatalk before as it wouldn't help with the server costs!


As time goes on, the more and more phone and tablet use there is and we won't get as many members as we used to on the desktop side because of the swing to mobile use so there will be a lot of Coldplayer's joining from the mobile/Tapatalk side, more so when the next Coldplay era starts :P The plan is to move to our own app eventually (probably next year) which Tapatalk can be purchased to run in.


If everyone could please re-tweet/ share the post about Tapatalk listed on our Twitter and Facebook page to spread the word, it would be much appreciated! The new member forum may be busier than in recent weeks so be sure to greet new Coldplayers who come through the door :D


The donate button is back on the navigation bar! Any donations (options for one off or recurring) will go towards the purchase+development of future Coldplaying upgrades and app's :) Please disable Adblocker on Coldplaying if you have it active as that will help too, thanks. Wikicoldplay will be restructured in the coming months and updated while the main site Gallery of 120k+ images is estimated for completion at the end of 2014/start of 2015!


In other news, the layout has slightly changed on Chatbox evo, if you click the small CPing logo next to the name of the person who posted the chat, you can highlight their name to mention/reply like on Twitter. When you post a new thread, similar threads will now appear below as you type so its easy to spot if someone has posted the same topic already!

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