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I need your help, please


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I was listening a great band called Phantogram, it sounds really good but I'm not a native speaker and I can't disguise some lines on songs, aparently they add lyrics to the original versions.


Well, I think there are many native english speakers here in coldplaying.com and I know they or you can help me.


What is he saying at 11:00-11:16?

What is he saying at 19:36-19:39?

What is she saying at 26:04-26:23?

What is he saying at 34:54-35:11?

What is she saying at 37:33-37:39?

What is she saying at 40:47-41:27?


For example at 26:13-26:18 I listen "my tears have come alive",

but I'm not sure at all.




I will always love you if you help me with lyrics. :laugh3:

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