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make miracles the christmas number 1


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For sure! The soundtrack is released on Dec 15th so that could be the release date of Miracles too. The releases from that week will be fighting for Christmas number 1. I have a feeling Miracles will be released before that though, then I think without the first week boost, it's not gonna happen.


We will see though, i'll be more than happy to promote that if it has a chance! I was one of the first few hundred members of the Rage Against The Machine campaign in 2009, it was the most amazing feeling after we all made music history. The margin was so small, Killing In The Name made it to number 1 because someone found a way for an extra sale to count via the Nokia music store towards the end of the week, just when Simon Cowell/Xfactor looked sure to be number 1 :)

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As Coldplay have done so much for us it's time to give something back, let's make "Miracles" the Christmas Number 1 so Coldplay can go in the music history books.


If you don't know already, Coldplay have made a new song for the soundtrack of the forthcoming film "Unbroken" directed by Angelina Jolie, being released this Christmas.












Details & links of where to buy will be posted nearer the time.


Please invite everyone you know & get involved in promoting the campaign!

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