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My Extremely Ridiculously Belated Introduction Thread!


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So, um, yeah. Most of you probably know who I am already. (At least the ones who frequent here. ) I'm Dalekslayer96. That asshole that has a tendency to post offensive shit and curse a lot (hehe). Yeah.

So, some basic information:


Age: It really depends on which site you're on. Sometimes it's 18, other's it's 24. The funny thing is that my real age is floating around on the Internet somewhere. Hell I don't even know where you could find it.

Hobbies: Listen to Coldplay (Literally JUST Coldplay. Nothing else. ), watching Doctor Who (Props to you if you guessed that way before I said this), collecting action figures, shitposting on various sites, acting like a total fucknut, playing the piano like a pro, playing the guitar like a complete noob, and occasionally gaming.

Coldplay Album Preferences (In order of favorite to not so favorite):







Where you can find me: I frequent reddit these days, although that might change. I do go on 4chan occasionally, and I do have now inactive accounts on quite a few sites. I totally do not have a Facebook account and you will most definitely not try to look me up and end up discovering my actual name.


And before you ask, that profile pic was from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day. Long story cut short, I used to play Minecraft and now I don't. I most definitely made that picture and did not get someone to do it for me.

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