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Coldplay Lyric Holes - Lyric Website and App


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Coldplay Lyric Holes is a one-person headed project (by me) with the intention to create a universal app and site to provide us Coldplayers with all the Coldplay lyrics we can want :)


I started this in June 2014 as a little side hobby and I have kept it maintained as and when I have gotten the chance (I'm currently an A-Level student so time has been a bit limited).


I'm starting this thread because I want to share this with other Coldplayers like myself :) and the feedback would help me to improve the project :D


Notes on the actual project:


This project is fully live and working (to a certain extent) and I have worked over 200 hours or so (at Midnight :gs:) in order to finish it (or at least get it to where it is at the moment).


Currently, the latest version of the project (v2.0.5) is live on the website (links are below) and I will be releasing apps of this site to Android and Windows Phone devices (sorry iOS, but I can't afford a developer account >_<)


The app is available from the Chrome Webstore (an old version and it's only available via the link below) and on the Amazon Appstore (Can be used for Android devices)


The plan for Android devices is to release the new one asap - but I'll have to remove all the artwork and replace it with placeholders due to their policies on intellectual property.


Windows Phone users did have an app for this, but it has been removed as I have had to move to a new Microsoft Account (will be up soon!)




This is an up to date lit of all the links where you can find the website and apps:


Final Notes:


Sorry for making this an extremely long and boring post >_< but the plan is that I will keep this updated and link it with the project (app/site, whatever you want to call it)


I'd like to just thank all the people who have given me support with this and all the other crap I've had to deal with :)


And thank you if you're reading this :) please post questions/comments/suggestions on this thread or inbox me if you'd like to help me with this :)

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