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Radiohead Earls Court 26 -11-03 comming soon


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Just to let all you radiohead fans know i have now finaly got this awesome show ready to go . its taken me a few days of heavy downloading this massive Shn file which i have now converted to wave and also mp3

(128 pro) . i shall be contacting ian to see about getting this show uploaded here soon . despite a few comments posted on atease regarding the feedback on this recording containing pops - from what i have heard the recording sounds amazing as it was a fm broadcast from Xfm . if anyone wants any info feel free to pm or email me . watch this space i shall be sharing this show to all you RH fans soon .

thanks Chris

" Radi0ed "



HTTT :sneaky:

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yes i do realise you posted it on atease and i and many other are really greatfull for you doing this . but seeing as there are no mp3s avalible i thought it would be cool to share a mp3 version of this show as many people seem to have problems using the bittorrent files . thanks again for your concern


HTTT :sneaky:

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yeah, this could be dangerous... especially if someone with "dual citizenship" (Coldplaying/atease) lets the secret out. :smug:

(Don't make me choose sides, Ian!!!)


hmm...might be a way to recruit "new members"... or at least the impatient ones...those not willing to wait +100hrs to d/l the show.


btw, radi0ed, u r keeping the torrent alive, i hope. share and share alike!


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