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Keep Shelly In Athens


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I searched for an already existing topic about them, but I didn't found it.


They are a greek chillwave/dreampop/synthpop duo. Their discography essentially consists of:

  • Two EPs: "In Love With Dusk" (2010) and "Our Own Dream" (2011). They've been released as one whole LP called "In Love With Dusk/Our Own Dream" in 2012 with a bonus track called "Hauntin' Me"
  • Their "debut" album called "At Home", released in 2013


At the beginning of 2014 former lead singer Sarah P. announced her departure from the band. She's been replaced by Myrtha. The other member of the band is the producer RΠЯ.


I discovered them some months ago and I really love their style because of its nostalgic, dreamy but fresh feel, combined quite often with a upbeat and original sound and production.

I'll post you 3 songs among my favourites of them, but fell free to be curious and discovery other hidden gems :)


RECOLLECTION [from "At Home" (2013)] (my favourite, IMO the best song of the last 5 years):



DON'T BE AFRAID [from "In Love With Dusk" (2010)]:



ROOM 14 (I'M FINE) [from "At Home" (2013)]



p.s. Their second album "Now I'm Ready" is set to release next September, can't wait :D

Two singles from this LPs have already been shared: "Fractals" and "Benighted"



Any other fan around?

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