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  1. we had to go through 10 years of disappointments to have this one, just to know that they can still properly play and compose quality music. It's a pity that this one (and maybe Human Heart) will be the only song(s) to look for on this era
  2. Cyclades - Keep Shelly In Athens
  3. live version of Everyday Life (the song) is just too good
  4. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. It's the perfect photography of the actual world, it's like they've been on "sugar planet" for 10 years and then came back to Earth. It's not only a proper return to form, it's not only artistically relevant and inspired, it's a development and nearly a miracle. It came out of nowhere, in the worst part of their career, when all the faith in them and hope were completely lost. It's cohesive, mature, self-conscious, mystical, open-minded, and (most of all) universal. They are the band who made pop music universal again. You can relate to this
  5. Listened to it: good but kinda forgettable imho. Not enough relevant to be included in the album, but it's not bad
  6. Dear @I ran away, I really appreciate your courage to speak about it, I'm not even close to be a doctor but I think and hope that just doing it in public could be a good way to ease the pain and get a speedy (relatively speaking) recover, along with everything your therapy prescribes. It saddens me to hear this from you just after my return here on CPing, you have always been one of the most well-known and beautiful voices here and I know that life could be very tough at times, but I couldn't see it coming. In my life I've been lucky enough not to suffer of this kind of illnesses, so I can't
  7. Because Chris mental health in 2011 was clearly badly influenced by his ending relationship with Gwyneth and stress led to "different points of view about the direction the band should have been taking"
  8. My dream is always the same since 2008: Credits Producer: Jon Hopkins
  9. Sunrise 8 Church 9 Trouble In Town 9 BrokEn 8 Daddy 8 WOTW/POTP 7 Arabesque 8 When I Need A Friend 7 Guns 9 Orphans 7 Eko 7 Cry Cry Cry 8 Old Friends 7 Bani Adam 8 Champion Of The World 7 Everyday Life 10 Rating: 79/100 Parachutes-AROBTTH-X&Y-VLVODAAHF Everyday Life Ghost Stories MX-AHFOD
  10. The only song I find out of context is Champion Of The World, the rest of the album flows quite well, despite of the diversities among the songs and some raw transitions
  11. Guns is the first true political song since Violet Hill, and reminded me also of 1.36
  12. Am I too late to the party? Not posting on CPing since 2016 I think... :D I'm writing only to say that this is easily the best album they put out in ten years. Clearly not a masterpiece, but it is a solid effort generally speaking. Quite raw and not so cohesive at times, but I can say it is honest and not overproduced. I'll be doing track by track reviews when I'll get the album listened more than now, but my favourite moments are the ones where they try to get out of their comfort zone.
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