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Coldplay Song Mashup


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Alright guys, just thought of this idea. Please let me know if it's been done elsewhere already so I'm not copying or anything. Anyways, the idea of this post/game is to create an album with your own meaning/theme using only and any Coldplay songs drawn from any album, single, b-side etc. It can be as long as you want it to be, but it would be preferable to make it typical album length (6-12 songs). Maybe explain what each song means and perhaps why you placed it where you did...Or have us Coldplayers guess what it could mean. It doesn't have to be personal, perhaps you came up with a fictional story where each song pertained to something in the story.


I'll give my personal example (but again, yours doesn't have to be personal):


How You See The World ("Are you missing something? Looking for something?" As a teenager, questioning myself and my actions constantly. The biggest question and uncertainty for me was my sexuality. This song represents my questioning period)


Square One (Starting to realize that it's okay to be who I am "You just want somebody listening to what you say, it doesn't matter who you are")


Life is for Living (My parents are homophobic and this song is more addressed to them. "Now I never meant to do you wrong. That's what I came here to say" followed by "But, life is for living. We all know, And I don't want to live it alone.")


Proof (My first boyfriend, to me, was all the proof I needed to be completely comfortable with who I am. I was in light and dark. Uncertainty. His "bright spark" came into my life, "and then (just) light" (knowledge of self) in my life.


Us Against The World (For much of our relationship, it did feel the world was against us, especially because of my parents, no matter what we'd stick by each other)


A Rush of Blood to the Head (A lot of bad things happened in his life that made me want to strike out against whatever had ever hurt him in the past. This song is me saying to him the extent I would go to right the many wrongs in his life."


Talk (First Version) "This is the less-known version of the song Talk, and imo better than Talk. Anyways, I connect with this song because he had started growing distant and more difficult to talk to. He had started to cut his communication with me slowly and I reach out to the stars and say "I tried but I can't get through. I'm trying to get to you. But you're difficult to reach. Won't you talk to me."


A Message (Communication has fettered and he has moved, making it difficult to get that message home. I wanted to "get that message home" to him that I wanted him to "please come home". I won't take it back, I wouldn't say I don't mean it. Because I did sincerely mean it. Unfortunately, I've still "got to get that message home" and I never do.)


Up With The Birds (The spark is trying to come back, "It's a spark in a sea of gray", I desire to go to where he moved to to get him back. I would have to go to where he lives, "where they don't know my name", to see him again.)


Prospekt's March/Poppyfields (This sort of war between distance and being actually able to go to him. I couldn't go because of my parents and their hold over me. Unfortunately, "here I lie on my own in a separate sky")


Everglow (I think this ones a bit more obvious, but his presence in my life left an "everglow", his affect on my life forever, something that can and will never change.)


Up&Up (I loved this as an ending for AHFOD and I'd love to end mine with it. It's simply that hopeful song that things look up after such an emotional experience and that good things come our way. We can overcome these negative things simply by the attitude we hold of them).


Anyways, very personal, but that's everything from my contribution. Again, yours doesn't have to be as long or personal. Simply state Coldplay songs you'd like in one album and why:)

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