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[EXCLUSIVE] Album Artists On Selling Artworks of A Head Full of Dreams


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Last week, we managed to chat with the owner of Album Artists, Fraser Scott, who also contributes selling Coldplay’s album artworks from Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams. We talked about the outcome of the art sale, his excitement, and his planning on future works.


C: Can you tell us about the A Head Full of Dreams album art sale?


F: Yes, the band is supporting a new project in London to help disadvantaged kids. We are selling the super cool art for A Head Full of Dreams, on behalf of the band and Pilar Zeta, to support that. So far we are just doing that online, but in just 2 weeks we’ve already raised more than £45,000 for the charity, just from one social media post from Coldplay. There is still a lot more for sale including works in every price range, £25-£120,000 (that’s the the huge massive original work that became the cover).


C: What is most exciting about it?


F: This is the 3rd album where we have sold all the art for Coldplay, but I think what still excites me is what good people they are – they do so much to help and they really throw themselves into it. I mean, we have really cool art here and it’s fun working with Pilar who is really creative and cool and she’s completely behind the project too. It’s exciting to work with artists who make such cool music and art, and who also have so much social conscience.


C: The lyrics all sold out fast – are there any more original works to be revealed?


F: Yeah, the handwritten lyrics went really fast. And there were two works that sold before we even put them up on the website. We had a doodle by Chris which I sent out in one email and we had 5 offers to buy it for £900 immediately. Anything handwritten by Chris and signed by the band is obviously hyper popular. But the thing with the lyrics is that they are actually part of the album art – they featured on the sleeve itself, so those were a part of music history. We actually are going to release them as art prints so everyone can afford them.



Picture: Everglow lyrics handwritten by Chris


C: Did Album Artists have anything to do with finding the art this time?


F: Well, after Ghost Stories, where we put Mila Furstova forward, we worked with the band for 12 months on AHFOD and put forward over 800 artists. But in the end they found Pilar themselves, from an email that was sent out by her agency. So, that’s how it happened this time.


C: Any surprises in store?


F: Yes, there is one big surprise coming, but, if I told you, where would the surprise be? :)


Interested in grabbing the artwork? Visit here now and get a price quote from Album Artists!



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