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Reorder/Retracking Coldplay Albums


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I don't know if there is another thread like this but imma make it anyway. Basically, if you could reorder or retrack (or both) any Coldplay album which would it be and what would the changes be?


For me it'd be Ghost Stories.

I'd redo it like this:

Always in My Head


All Your Friends

Ghost Story

(Here I'd have some instrumental interlude either Parachutes, an excerpt from Radiohead's Treefingers (the end of it), or the pad like end in Oceans to segue to....)



A Sky Full of Stars (with live drums though I don't know if I'd keep this song)

O (Fly On)



Your turn!

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Honestly I tried making like 5 different track orders and I still can't find one that works. What I've decided is that Swallowed in the Sea should "end" the album, Twisted Logic should end the A side which includes tracks like Square One, White Shadows, Talk, Speed of Sound (maybe). B side starts with X&Y and contains Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea, A Message, What If, etc. The only issue I have with Swallowed in the Sea ending the album is that it isn't very big compared to Twisted Logic, which obviously is the closer for a reason and SitS into TL is a good choice for a good reason. BUT if I was forced to do it here's my track listing:


Side A:

Square One

White Shadows


The Hardest Part


Speed of Sound

Twisted Logic


Side B:


Fix You

A Message

What If

Swallowed in the Sea

(Til Kingdom Come)


Again Twisted Logic and Swallowed in the Sea are really a toss-up but I think Swallowed in the Sea has a more thematic message for the B-side which is filled with songs about emotions and all that Chris Martin stuff while the A-side is more outward with themes like space and humanity and purpose which gets wrapped up nicely in Twisted Logic.

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Side A:

Don't Panic






Side B:

High Speed


We Never Change


Everything's Not Lost

(Life is for Living)


Spies is probably has the biggest sound on the album aside from Yellow, so keeping them on different sides helps keep the album energy consistent instead of it blowing its load on the A-side, which is fine in my opinion but I'm in charge right now so I'm changing it because I can. Trouble into Parachutes into High Speed into We Never Change really sucks the tempo out of the album before Everything's Not Lost comes around and (in my opinion) delivers the best track off the album. It's like spoiling your entree with free bread.

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