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GA1/GA2 Separate Doors?


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Hi there!


Really new Coldplayer from Melbourne, but I bought flights to Brisbane to secure the cheap flights, and I have a couple of friends to hit the Brisbane concert with... (as well as the Melbourne ones, I'm so excited!)


The only thing is, they have GA1 entry, and there's only GA2 left on sale. I was wondering how accurate the below seating chart is, as in, if you have a GA2 ticket, is there a barrier at the end of the runway that doesn't allow you to go on the designated GA1 area?


Or, even more specific, if anyone knows the Brisbane Suncorp Stadium... how strict they are in terms of which doors the GA goes through? I'm only considering this because at Rod Laver Arena here in Melbourne for Muse, they didn't care what door you went through, but that's probably because there wasn't a segregated general admission area.


Any help would be great!



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