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[Ticket Exchange/Resale thread] Music of The Spheres UK/Europe Tour


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Hi folks!

From now on, please post your requests for ticket exchange or resale in this thread, instead of creating new threads.

We would like to warn you of the following :

- Please be cautious of scams - we alas cannot protect you from those - be responsible

- However, if we are made aware of a scammer in the forums, that person will of course get banned

- Only face value is allowed here - anyone reported trying to sell at over face value will also risk a ban

- Do not EVER publicly share the barcode/QR Code/number on your ticket

- We reserve the right to merge any thread for ticket exchange/resale into this one

Good luck to all!


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Okay, i will try my luck:

Looking for tickets to Milan, Naples or at least any other European concert. Preferably standing tickets, up to 4 pieces.

Thank you!!! It would mean so much to me!

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Hey! I'm looking for 2 or 3 tickets for any of the Barcelona shows. Standing or seated, either one would be great! Thank you!!

Hola! Estic buscant 2 o 3 entrades per qualsevol dels dies a Barcelona. Tant a pista com a grada, qualsevol de les dues opcions va bé. Moltes gràcies!!

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