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ha guess where i saw my first footage of a travis concert?


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oh... Ellen... k, i never saw that show, probably they don't air it here. gah.

So, travis was performing live there? That's awesome! Which songs did they play?


And oh, offtopic but... your new avatar is awesome, man. Did you get the HTTT album? gotta luv the "there there" and "where i end and you begin" bass lines!

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Ah, love will come through is such a great song. I think it is gunna be the next travis single. Gah, i can't wait for the vid.

And yea, you should get HTTT. it's one of my fav radiohead albums, cos it isn't as weird as amnesiac or kid a... oh btw, see if you can get this radiohead song: "the national anthem". I luv the way that the bass is way louder than all the other instruments on that song.

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haha ah, i'm sorry man, i totally forgot about that.

But yea, there are some good bass lines on the kid a album... like everything in its right place (specially when they play it live. They like to end their shows playing it, so thom yorke just leaves the piano and says bye, and then all you can hear is colin playing the bass. ah, that's brilliant stuff.) hmm... morning bell is great too.

Too bad kid a is like... too experimental, cos it gets kinda hard to listen to the bass sometimes. cos it's mixed with all that electronic noise. gah. ah well, it is cool when you get used to it.

And oh yea, thx man. i reached 1000 posts a week ago. ha, i'll see if i can post like crazy from now on and reach 5000 posts before ren does it. lol

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i think "everything in it's right place" is much better on kid a than it was live. they try to turn it into a big groove-fest but it's just not happening. it was cool enough the two times i actually saw them do it, and both times i was close enough to actually kind of see what jonny and ed were doing with their samplers, kaoss pads, etc., but it's just sooooo boring for me to listen to the version on the live album. but i still think if people think "Kid A" is weird, they should listen to the stuff that Kid A rips off. :P


what was this thread about? oh right, Ellen DeGeneres. i think that the fact that she is so widely disrespected shows how little tolerance our society actually has for gay women, because she was a pretty popular comedian before she "came out of the closet." i still think she's funny. (gay men are cool with society though. thank you, "Queer Eye" guys)

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