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Storm Brewin' poem

Hurts Like Paradise

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Maybe my luck is running out


I see a storm brewin’ outside


I am always running away


Please sound the alarm


I need to be calm




God is always good


Oh, one day, I’ll stand in His presence


A storm is brewin’ outside


Will I be ready that spectacular day?




Your faith is stronger than mine


Mine is a murky clay


Yours is the sweetest of wine


I clump together


The grapes in yours taste better




The storm reminds me I don’t have all the pieces as one


I am an eternal being


I always will be


Sometimes I want to cave in


Because of the way I have behaved




I love being an eternal being


But there is a storm brewin’ outside


Should I take cover?


Or completely surrender?




The tornado may spin


Tornado Valley is in my point of view


The hurricane may coming crashing in


This hurricane’s time is due




Can I stand in His presence?


I try living a good life


But what really matters is Who you know


Will this storm of love sweep me away?


Or will I be left behind in the destruction of the day?


© Carly Wiggins 2016


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