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Pour Me Chords


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I'm struggling with figuring out Pour Me. I can't find decent chords for it.


For the verse, I'm playing Am, Em, F, Am* and G (my tabs are below). I just can't figure out the chorus. I was messing around on the piano, and came up with C, D and Am... but I really don't think that's it. Does anyone have any suggestions? The chorus is quite odd...


    Am  Em  F   Am* G 
E|   5   5   1   0   3
A|   7   7   3   0   5
D|   7   5   3   2   5
G|   5   7   2   2   4
B|   5   0   1   1   3
E|   0   0   1   0   3

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Damn no idea, if I had time I'd mess around on my keyboard. But I find it so cool how people are learning and trying to figure out how to play certain songs. So yeah good luck and hopefully someone here knows something about playing Pour Me :P I know how to play Amsterdam and the very beginning bit of moving to mars though lol. Although I haven't practiced them in a while as well...

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