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Deluxe reissues of the albums?


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Just a thought I had while listening to the deluxe Blur reissues...


How cool would it be to have a deluxe reissue of the albums, with B-sides, demos, rare live tracks, and unreleased tracks? Loads of bands have done this in the past, like the aforementioned Blur, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Queen... (last few are slightly out of genre but still count). Even the perfectionist and secretive Radiohead are digging out unfinished tracks for their new OK Computer re-release.


Imagine a Parachutes deluxe edition, with the first gig at the Laurel Tree, as well as studio versions of So Sad, Panic and others... Or a VLV reissue with Famous Old Painters, The Man Who Swears, and Bloodless Revolution in high quality...


Of course, it's never going to happen, but I can dream:pensive:

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