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Opinions on the EP?


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For me it was a disappointment. I can't find Coldplay essence like I did in other albums. I don't know exactly why, but it's the first time I don't listen to the new songs a million times... the only song that moves me is Hypnotised, but the rest of the songs are just songs to me. Hope I can recover my love for their music in the next album :confused:

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I think its an important stepping stone for Coldplay after AHFOD. For those of us (and critics) lamenting Coldplay's attempt at pure happiness and glowing vibes on AHFOD, the EP holds some of the top 5 songs in the era, easily. And even the Roses/Closer mashup feat. Coldplay (SJLT) feels cathartic and fun if you can forget the Chainsmokers are terrible humans. MSS proves they can make real groovy music fit into their musical repertoire without losing solid song-writing fundamentals and rich production (something AHFOD as an album seemed to lack on a few tracks).


Looking back, I think it will be a typically forgotten B-side release for most fans, but a treasure trove for Coldplayers in future years to say, "at least we got Kaleidoscope as a counterweight to the lackluster AHFOD."


Looking forward, I believe these tracks might be an indication of Coldplay going back to a more rock oriented sound--and we know they are continuing to work and write on their current tour. And after all the build up to AHFOD and some of the disappointment that came after, I think the singles from this EP show a diverse number of directions Coldplay could go and remain successful.

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Coldplay showcased their genre-bending powers with this EP. While it's not a solid statement or a promise that they will return to their rock roots, the band gave us a glimpse of what they are capable of making. Tracks like Hypnotised and All I Can Think About Is You are legit contenders for the best song of the AHFOD era. Their rock-meets-clean-production-pop approach is really a fusion of what they learned so far. Miracles (Someone Special) is also worth your time, even though its lyrics are subpar. Something Just Like This is surprisingly enjoyable minus the infamous crowd vocals/singalong. A L I E N S, the top track, is both adventurous and complex in terms of composition much like the rest of the band’s output from Viva-MX. It’s not a disappointment nor a comeback for Coldplay. I think the EP is a palette of possibilities in itself. It is both rock and pop Coldplay. It is both the old and new Coldplay. I just hope that AHFOD was their last big push for pop. While it could generate tons of cash and a new wave of fans, it may not be the right recipe in the long run.

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