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  1. Well to be fair Death Will Never Conquer was kinda country-ish. And it would be kind of hilarious seeing Coldplay of all people doing a death metal band. But yeah, agreed. Though I do think that in their Rush of Blood to the Head days they could have easily gone down a more alt metal path afterwards. Like Deftones with accents.
  2. So I should be doing homework now but... Coldplay :) I want to get all this info straight and clear in one comment. So here's my take: I haven't really been active on these forums since the EP since there has been no *official* news on Coldplay releases (I only today found out about their side project, and all I can say is I'm glad they had the sense to count it as a side project because it's something else). However, I think it's reasonable to expect that the band may be recording an album at this very moment. From what I've gathered (and I may be a little out of date on this) half the band is on one side of the world and half the band is on the other. While the band manager has said that the band need to take a long break to work on something really good (implying he wants them to put more time into their next release) the band has apparently (unconfirmed?) claimed that they are working on recording stuff now. Some people see this as a contradiction, but I see this as something else. What I theorize is possible is that their manager (and probably the band) decided it was best to wait before releasing something. That doesn't mean to wait before working on something. There probably was no "dont be creative until this date" arrangements. Perhaps just a "lets try not to release an album until 2020" deal. Plus theres that whole renegotiating contracts with Parlophone or staying indie (unlikely) or moving on to a different label (also unlikely, and would kind of be a dick move to Parlophone). So they probably decided, as soon as the tour was done, "lets take it mostly easy until whenever we get so restless or excited for an idea that we just have to record." So they took a years sabbatical, still of course doing some band related things like signing rights to Yellow for Crazy Rich Asians, probably being involved in the release of their documentary, and of course, they did that whole side project as Los Unidades. I feel like this was their "enjoy life and get all the party out" phase. I doubt for their los unidades EP that they planned it until it started to formulate. It probably naturally came that Chris Martin especially had the dance fever still and really wanted to get some stuff out. So they made that, perhaps as a way to slowly get back into writing music, starting with something easy and fun and mostly consequence free, and then moving on to working on an album. Or perhaps it was to get the post-tour energy out and then take a break. Either way, I know that what they're recording now is likely not Los Unidades. I at least have hopes that this "Conscious Pilot" title is a new song or album track. It sounds a lot more Coldplay than Los Unidades. I've also noticed on their ASCAP list something called "a julalys" (edit: hyped myself up a little there. Was a Norwegian cover of Christmas Lights). So anyways, I know this comment has been a mostly incoherant mess. And I'm going off what I've gathered in like half an hour here, but I think that if this Conscious Pilot thing is a legit title, it's a Coldplay title. I also can't really see half of Coldplay releasing their own tracks. The band is so tight knit. Of course it's possible that they're gonna do a duo called Conscious Pilot (initials would be CP, same as ColdPlay being CP. Coincidence? *insert illuminati sign*) but I feel like it's far more likely that this is a song idea, or perhaps just an album concept. Obviously the band is getting some creative ideas that they feel the need to let out, and start working on to keep busy, and perhaps while Guy and Chris are busy Will and Jon are just getting the groundworks for a song idea down. Perhaps when it was mentioned that "the band is working on both sides of the ocean," it meant that the band has split up into two "teams" temporarily, one half laying the groundworks for the song and then sending the demos overseas, the other half adding vocals and bass. Anyways, the important thing is I dont think this points to a near release, I think it just means theyre getting ideas flowing. I feel like theyre only starting. Theyll keep getting ideas, but wont stick with every single one. Theyll continue to work on stuff when inspiration comes, rather than in the mindset of "we got to work on our next album", and perhaps a half year from now theyll have enough ideas to go into recording. Just a theory. I dont really know what im talking about here guys lol. Edit: saw this "BLUES JAM SESSION IMPROVISED" on the list as well. Not sure how to check if its new or not. Probably just a live jam. Couldn't find any info on it at all. I hope they get into some bluesy groovy stuff for their next album though. Even with the amount of suave as All I Can Think About Is You would be pretty cool. Yet again, as long as the album isn't low effort mundane pop, I'll be happy. I just want whatever their artistic brains feel the strongest passion for. When I say I want another AROB or Viva, I don't mean I want another album that sounds like that (though I mean I wouldn't mind that). I mean I want something fresh and new and unlike any album they've ever done before. So long as it's not dubstep...
  3. While listening to Ghost Stories earlier today, specifically O, I was wondering a little at why the band/producer/label/anyone else chose that specific length of time between the first song of the track, Fly On, and the second part to the track, O. I thought it was a general amount of time to give the listener time to reflect. The exact specific time was probably random, just dragging the second part of the song to the right along the timeline to a point that looked right. It still seemed kind of peculiar. When the song was done, I looked at my CD player. After the album stopped, my CD player showed the total length of the album. 42 minutes and 42 seconds. 42:42. Chris Martins favorite number is 42. They wrote a song called 42. The answer to life the universe and everything. Do you think this was intentional? I certainly have a feeling it was
  4. School was originally the intro to rainy day
  5. (note: below are live recordings not studio) ^ two different recordings of the live song (but same playing of the song; it was only played once) Who would love Coldplay to record this beautiful song? It's catchy and nostalgic of the viva era even though I didn't hear it until a couple months ago it just reminds me of my childhood and it has that sound and feel to it. I feel if there was a reason it wasn't ever recorded it would be either because of the specifics and unreliability of it (its about Latin America and most people wouldnt really relate, though IMO i still relate to the general feeling of happiness and living and belonging) or because it sounds similar to Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark. I could understand the similarities and how they wouldn't want to get even more negative attention about copying but its actually only vaguely similar. Also does anyone know of any covers of it? If there aren't any i might just have to do the FIRST EVER recording of the song (beating Coldplay to it i feel so special) EDIT: I'm dumb of course theres a million covers of it it's Coldplay
  6. So i made an alternate tracklist cause at first I didnt understand your mix cause the album download has the songs in the wrong order! So I didnt like the order youhad it in but now Im fine with it although the order I made I like too kinda lol OHFOD except maybe change the bg vocal for the word "dreams" it sounds weird AOAL Indian Masqerade Birds Something Just Like This Everglow (I love the single version you chose though I always found the outro quote to be unrelated and unnessessary) Kaleidoscope In-Vision. holy cow what is this? I love it Day Colour Spectrum, but changed. I didnt like the random snippets (I liked the idea and having one snippet from each album I think but it was awkward. I do like the idea of perhaps more subtly like having the choir from viva la vida but quiter through the whole thing mixed with track 12 (A hopeful transmission i think) from Mylo and like a muffled "leave a light on" etc but idk more subtle than the current mix. Up and Up
  7. I loved it but honestly the quote at the end was completely unrelated and kinda show offey. Other than that the recording was way better than the album version.
  8. Sure do you just mean like this? https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F564x%2Fe8%2F28%2Fd3%2Fe828d31b4419ebf6f3c2ae26ad9e29a2.jpg&f=1
  9. ah i thought you meant just a mix tape kinda project
  10. What do you mean by "Wonderful Adventure" and "Hypnotic Dream"?
  11. Tell me your opinions! Was it a disappointment or did it live up to your expectations?
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