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  1. To continue showering on the praise for X&Y, perhaps at the expense of of MOTS, I think the album does do a better job of giving a spacey feel than MOTS overall and I agree that the instrumentation is incredible -- Jonny has some sort of solo on nearly every song. The songs both simultaneously feel ambient and open while also having rich rock instrumentation. Guy and Will really take a step forward on that record. But the part of X&Y I want to highlight is how catchy it is! I know people argue over Oldplay vs. Newplay, but Oldplay had major pop appeal -- it's why people hated on
  2. It's hard to say -- I think there's a ton of people who really, really like it! And I don't want to be a bummer here. Personally when someone likes something I don't, I just get jealous because I want to see the merit in everything and enjoy it. I hope this album warms up to me, but it left little impact on me personally, but I might have different taste than others and that's okay! I'm thankful the band is trying new things, I just hope they can continue improving on some of the new musical ideas they're working with right now.
  3. Good conversation and definitely appreciate everyone's thoughts! It's true that basically no Coldplay album is truly conceptual except maybe Ghost Stories. MX also was more understandable after they released the comic book, but that was really only for big fans to dive into deeper. Perhaps with more Volumes and videos we'll get a bit more clarity on the themes behind MOTS. I think the issue I have overall is how MOTS was marketed so heavily as a space album. I've almost forgotten that Alien Radio had different clips from around the world, featuring really interesting ideas and themes --
  4. I'm curious what people think about the anticipated Music of the Spheres Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. Personally, I'm feeling a bit miffed about how MOTS was supposed to tell a story and have metaphorical planets and how it basically dropped the ball completely on that promise. Sure, the planet concepts and alien languages are cool, but musically and lyrically the band seemed to put NO EFFORT into telling a story. I'd like to say the music videos are helping, but there's really not anything connecting HP to MU. Personally, I'm afraid the band is gonna keep on creating "planets" which are just rand
  5. Yeah I've found myself less inclined to listen to MOTS than any other Coldplay album, which bums me out and I can't tell if it's because of the music or just my taste. I agree that if a different band released the album, it would get better scores. But also, as an album, I think it's incredibly incohesive. It almost makes me want to improve my score for AHFOD and GS because even though there's parts of those albums I don't like, the albums are consistent in themes, tone, and overall instrumentation. MOTS is just too all over the place. The differences in sound between a track like Biutyful vs
  6. In my opinion, it's a terrible outcome for the evolution of Don Quixote yes. It seems Don Quixote wasn't the right song for MX, GS or AHFOD, so they took another stab with Life is Beautiful, which I think sounded like an absolute bop right up there with Charlie Brown, ETIAW for its amazing stadium rock vibes. Jonny's jangling plucked guitar and soaring chorus, the bouncy bass and fast drumming from Will. Not to mention the catchy synths, the breakdown, Chris' acoustic guitar. My hype for Infinite was huge. But for whatever reason, they took samples of Jonny's guitar from Life is Beautifu
  7. Very interesting. I could see this being mostly true but definitely things can always change. We're at a cool moment where we actually know the title of the next two albums (not specifically, but we know there will be Volumes and general themes!) Here's my guess: Oct. 15, 2021 -- MOTS Vol. 1 March - Aug 2022 -- MOTS World Tour Leg 1 April 2022 -- MOT Vol. 2 released, a quieter more alternative volume. Songs not necessarily played live. December 2022 -- MOTS Vol. 3 released, a bigger album, lots of collabs and singles 2023 -- Second leg of the MOTS tour worldwide.
  8. This is a fun mystery, but I'm not feeling like they're going to change the formula much on Vol. 2. However, it will be interesting to see how the many negative critical reviews will effect anything. Probably not, but you have to imagine the label is like "hey guys, press isn't great on this." Here's a brainstorm of possibilities for Volumes 2 and 3 Personally, I think it will be two full albums coming in the next 1-2 years that follow the same template. There will be huge singles with modern pop production featuring big artists. But, there will still be surprises -- more Viva/MX
  9. So I was thinking last night why MOTS feels like a solid but incomplete album to me, and then it hit. Jonny. I hadn't taken into account how little impact Jonny has on this album as a whole. So I went back to every Coldplay album and asked myself, "does this song have a notable Jonny moment?" That means it could be a guitar solo (e.g. Paradise, Don't Panic) or it could be a driving presence of guitar throughout the song (e.g. A Whisper, Strawberry Swing, Ink). This is subjective, obviously, but the differences are stark. I am excluding all interlude tracks from the count (MMIX, MX, MOTS)
  10. I'm hoping there's a secondary leg of the tour, maybe to follow up Vol. 2. The closest show to me would require a plane ride. Given the extra cost of flying + staying somehwere, and the extra carbon footprint, I'm going to wait this out! Though having spent $230 on a AHFOD tour ticket for medium-tier seats, I'm surprised how much cheaper it is on this tour!
  11. Good analysis! I agree it seems like MOTS is an extension of EL especially in the theme of togetherness, one people, inclusiveness, world languages etc. I will likely always think of these albums together despite their stark production differences. The more I think about it, the more I'm kind of angry they did a space theme but didn't deliver any narrative. There's not ONE song that actually discusses the "planet" in a tangible way except Coloratura. Honestly, they could have named this album "Music of the Pizzas" and had songs like "Hawaiian" "Pepperoni" and they still just would have b
  12. Oldplayer here! I've been on the forums since 2010 (used to have another profile that I got locked out of) and I wanted to send off my thoughts on MOTS before I likely take a break from doing this sort of forum thing! It's nice to see everyone's reactions to the album and that there's a lot of different faves. First up my longer written thoughts: Track x Track Thoughts/Review
  13. Hey all, I'm bored waiting for the new album to drop, so thought it'd be fun for folks to share what they think Coldplay will perform during a MOTS world tour era. This is particularly tricky because with nine albums out and the band historically performing tight two-hour shows, it is hard to imagine how they play all of their hits while still leaving room for moments that feel intimate, unique and pleasing to old-school fans who have seen them before and don't want to hear the same setlist. There's also the question of whether the tour set up will be like AHFOD, with A,B, and C stages o
  14. Eh I think a lot of us still on here are old-timers who still like the formatting of this forum. I also got turned on to Discord before Everyday Life dropped and that seems to be the place where discussion is moving. Also Reddit and Twitter have become more active. So hard to know if there's less hype or if people are just more distributed.
  15. At this point, I'm confused about what constitutes a single 2021 since artists are constantly dropping songs leading up to albums, but I assume so far Higher Power and My Universe are promotional singles while Coloratura is just an album track. So with that in mind, I think Let Somebody Go HAS to be the next single since it features Selena Gomez. Perhaps once My Universe starts dipping in the charts, they could release it as another shot at hitting #1. Maybe a few weeks after the album is out they'll put out a video or some way of promoting it.
  16. I've always listened to leaks! My philosophy is this: If I get hit by a bus the day before the album drops, I don't want to miss the opportunity. Plus others listen the leaks so it's not like I'm missing out on the shared moment & discussion. I specifically remember listening to GS on a Tuesday before it came out, then AHFOD on the day after Thanksgiving in 2015 while I was running errands. I listened to EL a think on the Wednesday before it dropped early in the morning as the sun rose, which was magical. I don't recall if MX leaked, but like MOTS we'd heard like half the album by then...
  17. Dang! I was not expecting the song to have a beat like that. Interesting.. I guess it's continuing that trend of doing the 80's style but with very modern production. It sounds like a groovier Everglow.
  18. I am so so excited to hear Humankind and Infinity now given they are going to be stadium rock songs (most likely, we'll see how Infinity plays out). I fell in love with Coldplay during the Viva and MX eras where there was a huge focus on acoustic guitar arena rock songs and singalong chants and I'm really anxious to hear how they modify that in 2021. On the RS review, I wonder if the reviewer felt that Biutyful and MU are weaker just because they stray away from the alt-rock songs of the rest of the album? I do think Coldplay has had an issue ever since AHFOD of having inconsistent sound
  19. After hearing the live version, I'm curious how folks think the song will be received for it's lyrical content/message. I'll put my thoughts in spoilers!
  20. Again, entirely all subjective though I think occasionally as folks have pointed out some songs just straight up have mixing problems. What's exciting is that Taylor Swift and other artists are laying the groundwork for music re-releases, so basically re-recording songs and albums. So far, I've found the updated Taylor Swift albums to have better production and layers than the originals, and we can probably attribute that to modern technology & more expensive production value. I do hope Coldplay re-releases some old material, whether demos or revamped songs. X&Y has been talked a
  21. It's hard to define what good production is & there's a conversation about subjectivity or whatever, but for me MOTS will likely go on to be Coldplay's best produced "pop album" based on what we've heard so far, so that is including it in league with Ghost Stories, AHFOD & MX. And before I get any hate, I wanna make it clear I love these albums/era overall. For me a pop album is about sounding "clean" to make the melodies and catchy choruses hit harder. MX is an oddball because it had some clean sounding moments that miss the mark for me (UFO, Up In Flames) but they still had Eno
  22. Now that everything is out (though I suspect other remixes will come) here are general thoughts. Putting in spoilers for length:
  23. XMTS should have been a b-side imo. I think it gets a bad rap as well. It's undeniably catchy and shows the band's production talents. My main issue is the bass synths sound almost exactly like Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar and the song itself sandwiched between Army of One and Amazing Day is a weird transition. Coldplay usually is SO good at putting together thoughtful tracklists. I'm curious how MOTS is gonna flow and if there's MOTS II and MOTS III, how they will all tie together into a larger listening experience.
  24. Having had the leak for a few months now, I wasn't that excited for this to drop but the new snippet sounds significantly better mastered/mixed. Now I'm really excited because I'm wondering if there's other big changes on vocals or maybe some instruments on this final studio version. I do think this will be a better-received song than HP. Of course some folks won't like this style or the feature, but as a lover of good pop music I think it's fun. Spoiler Thoughts/Questions:
  25. Following up here to agree & relate with some recent posts. As a fan for like 17+ years now, it really took the AHFOD era to come to terms with the fact Coldplay will forevermore release a hodge-podge of genres, which will occasionally include stunning moments like Coloratura, Trouble In Town, and Arabesque -- tracks almost every fan can agree are next level in songwriting, production and artistry. I too feel a bit of pain knowing they are capable of making music that would potentially be 10/10 classic level for most critics, but they can't help but put out some bad lyrics and corny chorus
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