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Ren's Got Me High!


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I feel like I'm on a total caffeine rush, and it's totally because of this great idea Ren had tonight that I'm still laughing about! I don't know if I should share the idea here, but I will share that I feel totally high thanks to Ren!


Ren, you are the perfect drug.


Amanda .. you are my drug buddy.


"She's coming over

We'll go out walking

Make the call on the way

She's in the phone booth now

I'm looking in

There comes a smile to her face"

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Guest LiquidSky
i was trying hard to find my jokes thread...and found it at last! :-)



hahahaha! :lol: Durim, you and your jokes thread! :lol: that remind me of so much jokes...... :smug: :lol: :lol:

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