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I wanna show this to someone at a later date... so read if you want.

It's kinda funny... if you're bored enough...



ScrnOnly: ni-ni-nine

evercroft: Nuh?

ScrnOnly: yais

evercroft: D'I know you?

ScrnOnly: no

ScrnOnly: but i know you

evercroft: ...

ScrnOnly: very wel

ScrnOnly: l

ScrnOnly: lll

evercroft: Ooookay. From where?

ScrnOnly: a good stalker wouldn't tell you that

evercroft: ...

ScrnOnly: and i try to be the best

evercroft: Narr.

evercroft: Related to once stuff?

evercroft: related to facade stuff?

evercroft: Related to neopets stuff?

evercroft: Related to Sarah stuff?

ScrnOnly: related to your life

evercroft: Related to real life?

evercroft: ...Alex?

ScrnOnly: No, the the cyber life. YOUR LIFE. I will be your love

evercroft: ...

evercroft: Yeah, I'm just going to ignore you now.

ScrnOnly: aw

evercroft: *shrugs*

ScrnOnly: sux0rz


5 min later:

evercroft: *prods vaguely*

evercroft: What nickname d'you know me by?

ScrnOnly: my love

ScrnOnly: Do you not understand?

ScrnOnly: i love you

evercroft: But your typing is too crappy for you to be John.

ScrnOnly: we WILL be together

evercroft: ...

evercroft: Not if I don't know who you are, darling.

ScrnOnly: But you do, in your heart

evercroft: Mmhmmn.

evercroft: Sure I do.

evercroft: Note sarcasm, darling.

ScrnOnly: I do not understand this "sarcasm"

ScrnOnly: do not reject me

ScrnOnly: it'll do no good

evercroft: Typing suggests you could possibly be Deca...

evercroft: but it really doesn't seem her style.

ScrnOnly: I do not like this Deca

ScrnOnly: she only gets in my way

evercroft: Possibly you're a random person with no life who I have never met before and who, out of boredom, has decided to bother me.

evercroft: Are you even a girl or a guy?

ScrnOnly: NO. I always have a REASON. For EVERYTHING

ScrnOnly: I am IT

ScrnOnly: I have no gender

ScrnOnly: I am what you want me to be

evercroft: ....and so, again, I decide to ignore you, as evidence points to 'random person with no life.'

ScrnOnly: Does the word "chaos" mean anything to you?

evercroft: Yes.

evercroft: But your typing is too bad to be Sadie's style.

ScrnOnly: Remember, God loves you.

evercroft: No offense or anything.

evercroft: Ack, he does? I'm scared. o.O;

ScrnOnly: ...because I am God.

evercroft: How do I make him stop loving me?

ScrnOnly: be with me

ScrnOnly: or... not

ScrnOnly: i'm going

ScrnOnly: stalk someone else

ScrnOnly: says outofthechaos23

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