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the worst history teacher ever is gone!!


ahh i'm so happy! :D :D :D

she was such a bitch and had something against me because my best friend was always loud and annoying and disrespected her. well, everyone did actually. we all hated her. and she didn't have that much control over us.


now in 2 weeks we'll have a real teacher. she left last year because she had a baby and now she's coming back. she can actually evaluate someone and give them a proper mark.

i'm really happy for this.

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i llove reading historical fiction books a lot ot based on a true story from the past.


i just don't like learning about it.

well there are a few things that i do find interesting about history. just not the stuff that we're learning about now or have been learning.


but at least the teacher's that's coming trys to make us interested in history by giving us random facts before class.

like this one guy had scurvy and then he killed a bear and ate it with the bear's teeth :stunned:

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