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Anyone Can play Radiohead


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Having read and got the newly created radiohead tribute compilation

" Fond but not in love " that simon mentioned in his thread i would just like to add a few other radiohead tribute cds that i have that you may or may not have heard of ........... they are ...


Anyone Can play Radiohead - a tribute to radiohead

Plastic Mutations - the electronic tribute to radiohead

Strung Out On Ok Computer - string quartet tribute to radiohead


my personal fav is Anyone can play radiohead , but just having listened to the new atease tribute comp i must say its really good and the quality is amazing and sounds very professional . if anyone wants more info on the above tribute cds then feel free to contact me.

thank you




HTTT :sneaky:

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seeing as Christopher O'Riley is a pianist and a good one at that i never really included him in the tribute line up , but now you mention it i guess thats another one to the collection .

thanks for adding that tom


HTTT :sneaky:

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Oh, that's interesting. thanks for the info. I'm not a big fan of tribute albums though.

Oh yea, since we're talking about radiohead covers... i heard that muse covered pop is dead a few months ago. damn, it's impossible to find it though... i heard that a dude recorded it and he's sharing it on the radiohead hub. damn, i wanna hear it.

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