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Mylo Xyloto songs connecting to other songs in the album


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I dont know if im the only one whos noticed this, but some mylo songs sometimes give "references" to other songs in the album.

For example, Paradise has a line saying "Every tear a waterfall..." which is another song in the album. 

In Major Minus, (my favourite song in it) a line says: "D-don't believe a word, it's us against the world",  which is also another song in the album.

anyone else noticed this or other examples.

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Actually it's not about just the song titles in other songs lyrics. In Mylo Xyloto there is a story, there is a mind. So all songs are connecting each other with their angle that they see the world. It's not just in Mylo Xyloto this thing exists in albums after than X&Y. But in Mylo Xyloto it's so sharp for people not to see it.

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