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  1. That was when I ruled the world
  2. There WAS snow, white snow, (i also just made a topic in the coldplaying.com section forum bit about the forum album. Check it out when you can here)
  3. Everybody HERE has somebody to lean on (also, how do you guys get that text under every post you make. like aaronm360 has 'Give me real, don't give me fake'. I wanna do that)
  4. Hi guys, I was browsing the Coldplay subreddit, when I found that they had a subreddit album with people from the subreddit contribute different parts for different Coldplay songs. I thought we could do something similar ( and ours is gonna be so much better than theirs). I am a piano/keyboard player so i can contribute those parts. I'll put a list here for who is doing what and what songs there are. Up and Up: Divutian (Piano and synth pad) Clocks: Divutian (Piano and synth pad) You guys can suggest songs or request for a part in a song. Thanks, and don't ever give up!
  5. कोल्डप्ले

  6. I sent Stephen a PM about it, but he's probably really busy. If anyone can contact him please do!
  7. I feel like it's good as it is, the 'wall of sound' feels essential to the meaning and point of the sound and I like the sequencing alot (Also, I know this is off-topic, but could we have like a forum album? Like the one for the subreddit where different people from it do different parts for covers of coldplay songs. i would love to be in it and i feel we can make one better than the subreddit.)
  8. Well, I wouldn't think of it as arguing. I would say we just 'politely disagree' and then say your point.
  9. Yep! You got it! I also forgot to mention that you can also counter-argue with someone else. For example, I could now say: "I don't agree. I think that the sound achieved in the song is perfect as it is and would be harder to achieve with authentic instruments."
  10. Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to THE HARDEST COLDPLAY GAME! In this game, you have to take any coldplay song and say a way you would improve it or make it better. One rule is that you can't hate on songs. (ex. "a way i would make Fun better is to remove it from the album." or "Hymn for the weekend would be perfect without beyonce lol") So go, have fun, and try to win. (is it even possible?)
  11. Everyone of us has hope For YOU (The song is For You from the Shiver EP. I fell like it's really underrated)
  12. Nice. I just found that Kontakt is available for my DAW. You can send me the tack piano at [email protected] Another question is that does the tack piano work with Kontakt Player (the free one)? It doesn't really matter since I can get the full version.
  13. The problem is that schools are now giving like 5x the work we used to online and it's causing alot of stress...
  14. Hey Charlie! I joined this community last year and I've been loving it. Great to have you back. Always remember, don't ever give up, and BELIEVE IN LOVE! 😀
  15. From my shipwreck, I heard a CALL
  16. Yeah, I was thinking that too. I'll think of something, you can DM me for my email. Also, is it a multi-sample or something else? I'm new to Kontakt.
  17. Give me one, cause ONE is best
  18. Hi guys, I started learning guitar a while ago and i've really wanted to learn life in technicolor ii but the tabs I found either didn't work well or used barre chords. The reason I can't use barre chords is because my guitar has a extra wide neck and even if i manage to do it it sounds really bad. I can't use Coldplaykb's tutorial for the same reason. I'm fine with a capo or alternate tuning. I found the first chord which has a capo on the second fret and the A and D strings are on fret 2. I can't find the next ones. So, If anyone has chords for this song with no barre chords and no bits where you put your thumb on the low E, PLEASE SEND THEM!
  19. just so you guys know, I have a casio digital piano and it has a sound called "jazz organ" and it sounds just like the fix you one. so i think if you find a jazz organ patch or soundfont it'll work.
  20. Gonna GET it out of my van, if i can, (from Coldplay Sing 3 Very Boring songs Live)
  21. Now my feet won't touch the ground

  22. If it's a soundfont then yes! DM me and i'll send you my email.
  23. We'll RUN riot, we'll be glowing in the dark
  24. doesn't mean im lost! (i used the exclamation mark)
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