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The Kitten (number 2)


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I think that was intended for Jim...but I'll answer..I'm great!

Lol. Woohoo glad you're great :cool:


oh Hi Hayley! :-)


I'm better now than what I was last night... thanks for checking up! :cool:


and How's you? how are studies? :)




were you not ok last nite? :(


Studies are good thanks. I did quite well in a Philosophy paper so I'm happy happy :mad:

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:stunned: back @ Hicksy!



:P @ Sammie




ummm i was okay last night too, just kinda in very deep mood...from which i'm slowly recovering by now :-)

glad you did so well on the Philosophy paper!


I always liked ethics part of philosophy :-) the Golden Rule, utilitarian, etc...

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