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Kettercat cheering up thread!


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Well, I can sit in a corner looking all worn-out, puffy eyes and worse for wear... digging my finger nails into my flesh or anything like that; and I still doubt anyone would notice there's something wrong.


So yeah, people are just like that sometimes.


yeah, i can think of a very few people who're like that to me...they treat as if i don't even exist...and that's so totally hurtful :( in fact, i was feeling ignored only a few days ago, and i hate being ignored by people who i feel i know...glad i'm over it now....i guess i don't even keep short-term grudges, but i do keep things in mind..about how some people behave with me. :/


but anyways, u know u can talk to people on here...at least in general terms, w/out giving out specific details...'cuz i feel many people here care for each other. it's a camaraderie.

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