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Higher Power vs Music of The Spheres


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There's a debate in the main thread about whether the next album will be called Higher Power or Music of The Spheres. Until Higher Power's (unofficial) announcement) we've assumed that MOTS will be the album name. We also know that the next single will be called Higher Power. However, Higher Power (the single) has been strangely placed in the albums section of Coldplay's website. I have some theories:

  • We know that this is the start of a new 'era' as Coldplay have been rebranding themselves, but it is possible that until the official announcement of MOTS, they are putting Higher Power in the albums section as promotion for it.
  • MOTS is the old name for the album which has been superseded by Higher Power.
  • Higher Power is the name of the album and Music Of The Spheres is the name of something else. What it is, we don't know. Maybe a large-scale project that Coldplay have pioneered?

Personally I still think the album will be called Music Of The Spheres, but I have been wrong before.

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I think the album will be titled MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. "Higher Power" is a song that is being released months in advance of the album. It's expected another single may be released in mid to late Summer, when the album is officially announced. Perhaps a "Best of..." album will include "Higher Power" on its track list. 


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