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  1. Since this new album's title is "MUSIC OF THE SPHERE'S VOL. 1", you have to wonder if there is truly a "Vol 2" in the works. I hope some one interviewing Chris in the wake MOTS's release asks that question. Also, I'll be looking at that booklet that accompanies the CD very closely now to see if there are any clues as to what their next album might be. 👀
  2. Upon first listening, I found it hard to believe this was Coldplay initially. That said, as the song progressed & Chris began to sing, I became mesmerized to know that they are truly pushing the envelope here with incredible results. Bravo Chris, Guy, Jonny, & Will.
  3. After today's Glastonbury performance, I think it's fairly obvious that the title of the new album is MUSIC OF THE SPHERES since the intro featured a voice quoting that very phrase. I also think the new song "Human Heart" could have easily been included in EVERYDAY LIFE. It was a beautiful ballad. I really am getting good vibes about where the band is now. Their new music is terrific. Welcome back Coldplay.
  4. I think the album will be titled MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. "Higher Power" is a song that is being released months in advance of the album. It's expected another single may be released in mid to late Summer, when the album is officially announced. Perhaps a "Best of..." album will include "Higher Power" on its track list.
  5. Should be interesting to see if they add an extra track to their Japanese CD version of LP9. I think this has been the case for most of their albums since X&Y, except for VIVA.
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