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Internet connection

Sweet One

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As you can see, i've been having some problems with my computer lately..hahaha...


Um, my internet connection always cuts off at the most random moments........there's not a problem with anything like with the connection or anything, but like just randomly it'll sign me out of MSN or AIM..it's really annoying. Does anyone know what i should do? Ok...hahaha

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well reasons to sign you out of an IM service is often due to heavy traffic (ie. around 3 and 4 o clock), usually right after school gets out(wonder why?). There is no real way to change this unless you are able to get some control over aim and kick everyone that you didn't know.


However, if its your whole internet connection (like IE doesn't open, [er whatever browser you use] or gives you a 404) Then it is likely a problem with your network or your ISP itself, call your ISP and yell and them (sound really pissed off) and make sure you get some free deals, like free internet for a year. Oh, but first simply inquire nicely about your problem, otherwise they'll wonder who the psycho yelling at them is and likely hang up :nice:

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