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Visiting a (Coldplay) concert while pregnant?


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Hey everyone,

I would like to know if some of you ever have visited a concert (by Coldplay, or any other band) when you were pregnant? I've been a huge Coldplayfan since A Rush of Blood was released, when I was 13 years old. Since then, I have seen the band multiple times and have never skipped a tour (except the Everyday Life shows, unfortunately).  

For this year, I have tickets for concerts in Frankfurt and Berlin. I have recently found out that I'm pregnant! Getting pregnant was not easy for us and took almost 3 years, so you can imagine our luck now that it's finally happening. However, this means that I will be around 7 months pregnant around the Frankfurt show, this July.

Being the crazy fan that I am, the past few years I was already afraid that a possible pregnancy would coincide with a tour. I personally really, really want to go to the concert. I want to live my life with the same passions and hobbies that I've always had, even when I will have a child. Because I would love to pass this love for music to my child as well. 

Ofcourse the health of my baby is also important to me. My husband feels like I would be talking just too big of a risk by going to the concert, when I'm 7 months pregnant. I understand his point of view: why risk anything, when it has taken us such a long time to have a child? He fears about being pushed by people during the concert, but also potential COVID risks with so many people around.

At this point, I still feel stubborn and just want to go anyway. Even though I realize it's selfish at the same time. So I'm curious to know: have any of you ever visited a concert while being pregnant? And if so, how did you experience this? I'd love to hear from you, thanks!

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