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Little Buddha [COLDPLAY related]


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From Spies:


Here's a little tidbit that we received; according to Katie M., Guy Berryman's cousin, Grant Tyrie, plays bass in a new Scottish band called "Little Buddha," and they were playing at the Archway Tavern in London on Wednesday, March 3rd (yeah, this was a little late, sorry!), but they will be returning to London next month to the Borderline on April 10th.


Grant himself replied to this message, you can hear their music and read all about them on their website: http://www.littlebuddha.net


By the way, Grant is the tall one wearing the Buddha shirt and combat trousers :)

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mega bump


on one hand i may regret to bump it morally since is a Coldplay's familiar (according to Kettercat's informer), but as he is also a bassist so curiosity wins in the end.


their 2004 EP: The Beautiful

sounds good, musically speaking.


sadly seems they only released that album, and there's no trace about the band other than the EP be on Spotify, but apparently there's no myspace, no wiki page about the group, other than Guy's cousin reference related to Fodera Bass Guitars. (ok i found another myspace reference but gives not much clue on a first sight if is yet active in any band).


to the WoM wise folks, any of you heard of that band/bassist before?

is he/they yet active, playing in any band, going solo now?

is worth listening?




ok i did a better research myself.

they do have a myspace, fb page and seem are yet active.


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