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it was well made but if you went in a christian you came out one. too much gore to actually get the point across as to why he came. not enough scripture of why he came just gore to make us feel like shit and n return get saved :stunned:


that's kind of what i thought about it too. where was the context? if i hadn't actually known the story, all i'd see is a guy being brutally murdered for two hours.


i would think that if the purpose of the movie was to reinforce people's faith in jesus (or potentially bring new people to it), the time would be better spent showing how he lived, not how he died.

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Juliana , How is Brazil? i really wanna go there someday!!


Brazil is nice! There are many wonderful places, Brazil is very big.

I live in Rio de Janeiro. Some people love here, but i don´t. It´s so violent that I can even go out at night. :/

I wish one day move to England.

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My mum bought a pirate copy of the movie three days ago.


Thom, your mother is a pirate!! :sneaky:



you've got a crush on Jesus!


:lol: :lol:

Well...If Jesus looked like him, yeah, I think I do.



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