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I liked it! It told the story really well, and everything was very accurate. Also I think it was very good as a movie itself. Satan was REALLY scary (he was played by a girl). I really don't think it was that gory at all. I think what happened is that people who normally don't watch movies with any gore saw it and thought it was the goriest movie ever. Also I saw Kill Bill a few months afterwards and that is the goriest movie ever. I actually thought it was funny(Kill BIll) it was like mortal kombat :lol: she cuts off a girls arm and like 10 gallons of blood spray out.

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saw it. cried. i never cry. but my sister cried...i guess that sorta helped me out a little :P i thought it was certainly the best one made yet. not perfect but better than any of those other ones. you know where he has pretty curly strawberry-blonde hair and big blue eyes and he always wears a white robe and all that stuff....

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i don't think the movie was that great. It was OK. but I don't see how anyone can cry from watching that movie???.. :stunned:


The actor is NOT hot. Maybe in the movie Monte Cristo, but in the Passion HELL NO!


well me i was horrified and disgusted at how those soldiers enjoyed beating him. and also being a Christian maybe i'm affected more because of that.....

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it was well made but if you went in a christian you came out one. too much gore to actually get the point across as to why he came. not enough scripture of why he came just gore to make us feel like shit and n return get saved :stunned:

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