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I have a really difficult call to make tonight. HELP !!!


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I was supposed to go and see my auntie and cousin, in my home town this weekend !!!


However due to unforseen circumstances, plus the real disire not to go. I do have my reasons, of which I will not go into. !!


This has been arranged for sometime, And I have not going around to telling them. !!! :embarrased:


What exuses should I use. There are about 10 messages on me answer phone !

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Tell them you have terminal cancer and you'll probably die by this weekend.


Then on Monday tell them it miraculously cleared up but you had to spend the weekend in the hospital just to make sure.


Yep... I can't see how anybody could possibly get hurt by that plan.


good plan, Peed. :cool: :lol:

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Tell them the truth or say that work is getting in the way


I never lie so i don`t know what to say :sneaky: lol :lol:


this is the truth, needed in work for emergency cover. Plus I need to get up to 2000 posts on here by the time the week is out.


However methinks me won't tell them the latar excuse !!!

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