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"to have one's own take on something"

To interpret something in your own way? (thats how i see it)


"the deck is stacked against somebody/something"


This one's a little hard to explane... when you're me :smug:


Say someone needs to do something (... I can't think of an example of when this would be said...), but there are obstacles in their way.


hm... I need to think of an example!


Say I have a final coming up... I really need to study, but i have to work everyday and babysit and I'm sick. I'm so busy that the test comes and I never had a chance to study... thats a really poor example and it probably wouldn't be used for that. But you get the idea. (i hope)

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hmmm surprising... :stunned:



i know meanings of both those. and i agree with what SI said for both.



for first one... basically: be original; have your own point of view toward something. Don't parrot out what a movie critic said about a certain movie, do your own analysis...


deck is stacked against you... that comes from playing cards: if you have all the good cards with you, then you have the 'deck of cards' so to speak and your opponent has it stacked against his hand.

thus, in the figure of speech, it means, a certain situation is such that you would have a pretty tough going.

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