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Help me.

Professor Peedston

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Guest LiquidSky
Me too!! Something's wrong with me! I can't stay away. I think we need a coldplaying.com patch or something.



Ye,s a coldplaying patch would be GREAT! :stunned:

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You are? I'll probably stop posting too, because you won't be here egging me on.


hahahhaha...YES!! WOOOOO!! just kidding..you dont' have to leave as well.


Why are you leavin?!


I'm leaving my apartment and my internet connection is being cut. I only have a phone...booo-hooo.

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Being an hono(u)rary Canadian means talking the talk.


It sure does, and proper spelling. Good job! *takes out lolly* here you go, fellow canadian. :D


Come on, let's go sit in our igloos and drink Canadian beer, eh?

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awwwwwww and when will you have connection to your internet again?


Well, it's being cut on Thursday, so until then i'll be here posting my butt off, and then i'm going to Toronto for a bit, and i'll be online again..i think by monday. So not too long.


Ahh, now this is what life's all aboot.


It sure is!! Let's have some timbits!!! :D

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