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any of you bassists play a

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If i wanted six strings i'd be a guitarist, not a bassist.


you should keep playing your four strings bass.


two very different things. a six-string bass gives you more range, but OBVIOUSLY its still a bass. i just need lower tones than people who want to do the lighter stuff. if your tones aren't low enough, it'll just be impossible to hear with the guitars tuned so low.

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you know, today i went to a jazz concert and this guy was playing a five strings bass.

maan, he totally sucked. his bass solos were so lame. and he was like, 60 years old. ha if he spent 1/10th of his life learning how to play the bass, he'd be like, god.

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5-string basses are not only for "shitty metal bands"


Lots of amazing musicians in other forms of music use 5-string basses (and even 6-string basses.)


Marcus Miller plays 4 and 5 string basses, and he is probably one of the best bass players in modern music.


To put it simply, you have more range in tone with them.


Personally, I don't like them, but that's not to say someone is stupid for wanting to get one.

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